Why Weight Crawley Horsham & Mid Sussex

Why Weight is delivered across Crawley and Horsham and Mid Sussex CCGs. There are a number of clinic locations that offer treatment to 36 GP surgeries in;

Pound Hill
Gossops Green
Hand Cross
Haywards Heath
Burgess Hill

clinics are run in GP surgeries chosen for accessibility and facilities.

Referrals are made by GP’s and the referral criteria are;

Adults with a BMI ≥35 with related co-morbidities these being primarily diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease.
Adults over 18 who have a BMI ≥40 without related co-morbidities.
Individuals who have complied with Tiers 1 and 2 services for at least six months and have failed to achieve or maintain weight loss goals.
Individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery and require specific post operative support.
Individuals who may be referred to Tier 4 bariatric surgery and therefore require assessment and preparation.

Patients entering treatment are offered the following:

An initial telephone interview
Multi-disciplinary assessment by a Psychological therapist, Dietician, Specialist Bariatric Nurse and an Exercise Facilitator.
A 12 week intensive treatment phase consisting of group or one to one sessions.
A maintenance treatment that lasts for up to 21 months and includes follow-up contact; seminars, email contact and patient support groups.
Patients identified as bariatric surgery candidates enter a pre-surgical pathway and are prepared for onward referral to Tier 4.

Download the Why Weight Tier 3 Referral Form